About The Castle


Featured in the much noted 2013 NY Times Article "125 Years at 1372 Dean," 1372 Dean has a precious history as a building in Crown Heights. Built in 1888, this Romanesque Revival brick building stands like a castle on the block between Brooklyn and Kingston Avenues. It has endured and watched history unfold through the changing landscape, neighborhood, and its extraordinary owners.

The current owners of 1372 Dean purchased the building in 2013 and started construction in 2014. They chose this building because it is not an ordinary townhouse, but rather an incredibly unique building with a fortress-like presence, both romantic and timeless. One can simply not pass by this building without appreciating its presence.

Building Concept/Philosophy

Inspiration for this project came from the original builders of such houses. Back then, the line between builder and designer/architect was fuzzy. Builders at that time were true design-builders. Many of them were immigrants with no formal education, but they used their carpentry and masonry skills combined with great imagination to create their own masterpieces. It was a period when free-style was a common theme. They managed to use a mixture of architectural styles with the intention to build buildings to last, to make a mark. The developers, as modern design-builders, greatly admire that spirit.

The developers were also inspired by the challenge of modernizing this "mini-castle" while keeping the original architecture and design. Their hope is that this building will become one of the recognizable beacons of the neighborhood and will encourage others to promote the beauty and uniqueness of the environment. They are grateful to the previous homeowner and her family who kept the house in good condition over the years.

The Building

1372 Dean Street is a unique landmarked building located in the historic district of Crown Heights North on a classic, tree-lined, Brownstone block.

Built in 1888, the massive townhouse sits on a generous 30x114 lot, and features an impressive brick façade with a curved three-story turret, earning the building its nickname – "The Castle."

The project involved the conversion of the building into a condominium building feature four luxury units, with two front and rear duplexes (Unit A and Unit B), one floor-through apartment with a private deck (Unit C), and one floor-through with an entire private roof deck (Unit D).

Taking advantage of the yards, decks, and roof, each unit benefits from an exclusive private exterior space that gives the experience of living in a 'mini-townhouse'.

The exterior details of the building have been meticulously restored to its glorious historic condition, as approved by Landmarks.

Each unit features a generous interior layout, astonishing design, top-of-the-line materials and exquisite craftsmanship.

All renovation work was done by Perfect Renovation, a nationally recognized local design-build firm (Winner of the BIG50 National Award in 2012), specializing in high end historic restorations of Brooklyn Landmarks.

*The complete offering terms are in an offering plan available from the Sponsor, THE 1372 DEAN STREET CONDOMINIUM LLC, File No. CD# 15-0014.